May 21, 2019

Endocrinology NEET-SS

In order to secure seat,we must focus on Harrison’s and William’s Endocrinology latest edition because NBE asks directly from this book.

NEET SS is super specialty entrance exam conducted by National Board of Examination (NBE).

For Endocrinology subject,we have come up with question bank dedicated to NEET SS containing 425 questions with detailed explanation from Harrison’s 20th and William’s Endocrinology 13th edition.

4 Papers X 60 Questions each = 240 Questions
NEET SS 2018 Pattern Question = 60 Questions
Grand Test = 100 Questions (60 Questions from Endocrinology + 40 Questions from Medicine + Pediatrics)
Additionally, 25 Image based Questions are included.

Questions are set according to NEET SS pattern and explanation is given for each question.

You can give every quiz maximum 3 times.

Check out, our demo quiz here.

(We have added NEET SS Pattern 04 consisting 60 questions with explanations.)